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Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing is the promotion and branding of a business by means of creating engaging content on social media platforms. Each social media platform has its very own way of content posting.

Social Media Marketing is all about creating engagement, brand representation and portraying brand identity. SMM is all about meeting your target audience and customers where they spend most of their time and are socially available.

SMM is incredibly important to your business growth in today’s digital era. Social Media have become a prime platform for interaction. From world leaders to celebrities everyone has an eye on it.

What are the famous Social Media Channels?

·        Twitter: Twitter is one of the most actively used Social media platform. From normal individuals to Governments, everybody uses it as one of the channels to connect with people worldwide. Data suggests that around 126 million people daily use twitter worldwide. Twitter is best for establishing public relations and customer service.

·        Facebook: Facebook is the most widely used Social Medial Platform. Approximately 1.73 billion active users daily hop on it worldwide. Facebook is best suited for advertising, branding and creating identity.

·        Instagram: Instagram is more popular amongst youth and the millennial generation. Monthly around 1 billion people remain active on it. Instagram is best suited for advertising, affiliate marketing, user-generated content, and much more.

·        LinkedIn: Profoundly known as social media for professionals, LinkedIn has established stronghold of users belonging to the working class. With 675 million monthly active users worldwide, LinkedIn ranks amongst the top Social Media Platform. This platform is more profoundly use for B2B purpose. Business relationship and development with employment marketing are its few strongholds.

·        YouTube: With over 2 billion active monthly users switching on to YouTube makes it one of the key Social Media Platform. Every age group can be found browsing on YouTube. The study suggests that after Google majority of search their problems on YouTube. It is best suited for activities like Brand awareness, entertainment videos, advertisements and whatnot.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Why not? A person should walk hand in hand with the world and global trends. There is an array of reasons why your business must use social media marketing.

Let’s understand a few of them.

1. Lead Generation

Creating a brand identity by promoting and sharing your products and services is simple and straightway to work on lead generation. However, it may not be as simple as it sounds. You’re directly advertising to the target audience who themselves have opted to follow you and created an engagement.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

Billions of people regularly browse through Social Media. A smart business can cultivate this opportunity to drive its marketing to boost brand awareness.

3. Enhance Conversion Rate

Following a successful social media campaigns and diverse demography watching over social platforms, it goes without saying that a business can significantly improve its conversion rate with correct techniques.

4. Building Relationship with Customers

Social Media is a direct channel to connect with your audience and customers. From receiving direct feedbacks to service inquiries Social platforms act as a point of contact. These factors directly add on to business reliability. A Smart Business would know how to use Social Media to its fullest advantage.

5. Keep an eye on competitor

With everyone hopping onto where the customer base, it goes without saying that your competition would also be present on Social Media. It gives you a great opportunity to keep an eye on your competition and what are their social campaigns.

Enough talks about the Why social media is one of the key role players in modern marketing, If you don’t know how to utilize its functions it is not beneficial for you. You must be wondering how should I use Social Media Marketing? Panic no more, Namokar Digital Solutions provides quality SMM. Our experts have been divulged a number of businesses and showed them the true power of Social media channels.

Our industry experts would do all the necessary to not only uplift your business but also prove it in quality time. For further query about how Social Media can be used for your own particular business, contact us and we shall tell how what expertise looks like.

Let’s build your business and take it to cloud 9.

Your Business, Our Expertise!!

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