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IT & Web Technology Solutions

Namokar Digital Solutions has an extensive service for digital solutions. Another wing of service deployment covers developing and maintaining your web pages. That’s right, we work from laying foundations to building sky highs. Namokar Digital Solutions offers multiple web technology solutions. Find below about our IT services and let us know what is best suited for your business.

Web Design & Development

Web designing is fashioning of content usually hypertext or hypermedia that is shown to an end-user through the internet or other Web-enabled software like Internet television clients, microblogging clients and RSS readers. On easier terms, its designing of your website but on technical and development grounds. The clear intent is to create a website, collection of pages associated with the website and employing other necessary features for the end user on web pages.

Namokar Digital Solutions provides web designing solutions. We design you a website that is unique, perfect, search engine optimized and professional. Understanding the importance and gravity of website designing, we leave no grounds which need to be worked on for later. Our industry experts work on languages like PHP, AJAX, XML,, CMS, and MySQL. We are a business-oriented company, Namokar Digital Solutions looks forward towards collaboration where we can work on providing solutions and deliver our expertise.

We also work to provide the creatives necessary for a website. We can design Web logos, favicons and other basic and necessary creatives to make the website more attractive and eye-catching.

E-commerce Application

E-commerce sector is a big deal in this digital world. The Internet has become the best platform for interaction between a business and its customers. Creating an E-commerce platform is like creating a marketplace where you along with other businesses sell your products to the customers. The visitor or customer browse through products or services on this digitally set up marketplace and decides what best for them. Having said that, it involves implanting and installing a lot of features to make the process seamless and safe. Namokar Digital Solutions provides a variety of E-commerce applications to support your digital marketplace.

Your E-commerce website requires dozens of applications and features to be legitimate and effective. We provide direct applications development and advanced solutions such as Payment Gateway integration, Easy navigation system, Products review rating, Product search, and much more similar and necessary features. If you are looking to improve your E-commerce platform to enhance your customers experience look no further and drop us a message.

Mobile Application Development

With increased broadband penetration from mobile devices, the importance to be present for people on mobile devices is massive. Namokar Digital Solutions also provide a far more satisfying solution if you are seeking to be peeped on from mobile devices. We work to provide and develop Mobile applications to enhance your business reach. Don’t worry if it is Android, Windows or an Apple operating software, we develop applications for all platforms. Perfection from core to apex is what we believe in and what we deliver.

Custom Software Application Development

With our expert’s experience grinding in the industry for more than 7 years, Namokar Digital Solutions understands the concerns of a business investing in and operating on different software. A custom Software development can be a very serious, complex, time and money consuming activity. It needs to be very carefully planned right from the beginning to be able to sustain it properly. At this point, businesses are often worried about software’s performance, security, effectiveness, scalability, support and most importantly security. Regular maintenance is required to ensure the smooth functioning and operation.

Namokar Digital Solutions and its expertise in digital solutions affirms that all the points of concern are well planned and handled beforehand. We provide a wide range of custom software development from Business application, Client extranets to Business process automation.

Get your Quote today, and get rid of all your worries regarding your business after associating with us. As said before, Your Business, Our Expertise!!!

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