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Marketing! Marketing! Marketing! Every business discussion is incomplete if you haven’t heard this term once. Everything else in business directly or indirectly depends upon Marketing. Question arises, what is Marketing and why is it so important for every business? Look no further because all your queries will get answered here.

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Marketing is an ocean of planning, creating, implementing, analyzing and sustaining activities to highlight a business and ensure its growth. Interesting fact! All the processes used in the previous sentence are actually individual departments in the domain of Marketing. Whether it is B2B or B2C scenario, every situation follows a different approach in marketing. In short, Marketing is the brain behind your running business pertaining to its growth and development. But all this is just a broader view, in actual it is much more competitive and complex. Check out our formulated special articles on service deliverables like Content Marketing and SMM to understand about them more.

Marketing functions on the 4P’s marketing mix; Product, Price, Placement and Promotion.

Product could be a tangible consumable or intangible service which a company has to offer depending upon the market analysis, consumers, demand and many things. Then comes the Price; which signifies the monetary sum involved in delivering the product or service. Placement is positioning of the service or product at the right place. And finally, Promotion is highlighting and making the product or service visible to its targeted audience.

There’s a lot which can be said and described about marketing. Words will fall short but the highlights of proper marketing would still remain understated. Most crucial role of marketing appears to be at the initial stages. Setting-up a business and expanding is a challenging objective in itself. A correct marketing set-up decides the company’s future. So, let’s Understand how Marketing is an MVP in Business Expansion?

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