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This website is operated by Namokar Digital Solutions, a digital solutions and services providing company. Our “Privacy Policy” describes how we gather and use your personal information and rights you have in relation to that data. This policy also suggests how laws protect you.

Being a professional business and service provider, Namokar Digital Solutions are determined towards respecting and protecting the confidentiality of every person with whom we interact.

Namokar Digital Solutions holds the right to control the information. We also determine, how and why we collect and use your personal data. We may share your personal information with our fellow group members and associates.


Information Regarding Collected Data:

By ‘Personal information/data’ we refer to any information from which an individual can be distinctively identified. This can include information about Identity, Contact Details, Financial Data, Technical Data, Profile information, Transaction data, Usage data and Marketing data.

We may collect, use or transfer different kinds of data highlighted above about you which we have gathered as per our Terms and Conditions.

The situation where we are legally bound to collect personal data and if under any circumstances you failed to provide us with the required information, we may have to cancel/unsubscribe/stop a product or service you have with us. In such case Namokar, Digital Solutions will notify you formally.


How is your personal information collected?

Namokar Digital Solutions uses different ways to collect data from you and about you.

1. Direct: Direct data refers to the information given to us directly via filling forms on our website, e-mails or otherwise. Information provided by you can be subjective to a different type.

2. In-direct: With every visit to our website, we may automatically collect data about Internet Protocol (IP) address, login details, browser information, demographic data, geographical information, plug-ins details, Operating system and Platforms. It also includes data of URLs, pages visited and products reviewed on our website.

We also collect data by using cookies, beacons, and other related tools and technologies.

3. Data from Third-parties: We are liable to receive information about you if you use any of the sites that are associated with us in any aspect.


Cookies Policy

Cookies are used to differentiate you from other visitors to our websites. It gives us the opportunity to serve you a better experience and allow us to make the required improvements.

For any other query regarding Privacy policies, kindly contact us using ‘Contact form’.

Ethical Data Policies

Namokar Digital Solutions respects and protects its client’s information. We do not support any kind of selling or renting any personal data or information of our clients to any third parties. We have implemented several protective procedures, which are constantly evaluated and updated if necessary.

These data protection policies are exclusively applicable for Namokar Digital Solutions. We reserve the right to change this policy according to the adaptations of new developments.

We are determined towards keeping our client data secure and confidential. Namokar Digital Solutions do not keep any information for longer terms than it is necessary. We only transfer our client’s information under legal matters or when we are satisfied that an adequate level of care available to protect the data and integrity.

We have appropriate security measures and bylaws to prevent unauthorised use and access to personal information.

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