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Work @Namokar Digital Solutions

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Start investing in your future today. No matter if you are kick starting your career or taking it to another level, we have all the suitable positions for you.

Get your Career Search started with few easy steps:

  • Contact us via email. Send your updated CV and Cover letter at

  • Mention the position which best suits you.

  • Describe your motivation behind applying along with your resume and other certificates

Leave rest to us, our team will go through your profile and provide you all the required information. In case of any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Namokar Digital Solutions is a firm which thrives on ethics and compliance. We care about the safety of our employees, customers and applicants. All the information given to it would strictly follow the privacy policies. Apart from this, be careful of the frauds happening. Namokar Digital Solutions will never reach out to you informally or via insecure mails and ask about your personal information. Be aware of potential frauds and scams while seeking job positions.


Life @Namokar Digital Solutions


Namokar Digital Solutions is a people focused company. A place where innovation is moulded into projected results. Here amazing people come with their amazing knowledge, deliver amazing work and amaze our clients with their astonishing outcomes. As much as we love to explore diversity, we welcome people irrespective of Gender, sexuality, ethnicity or background. Here only one thing is evaluated; that is your zeal to do the hard work and knowledge you comprehend.

Namokar Digital Solution lays its foundation by delivering and not by boasting around shallow achievements. We deliver real results by doing things how they are supposed to be done. No compromise on quality is accepted here. Our employees are confident enough to take ownership of their actions, collaborating and treating people well in all the spheres.

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