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Shipping Policy

Standard shipping information differs from product to product and country to country. If you fail to find any specific information, kindly contact us.

Majority of countries count days from Monday through Friday as Business days with operational time between 9 AM to 9 PM.


Additional cost may incur in case involving operations on weekends. Hence, it becomes important for you to kindly double-check delivery date, day, and time.

For the products/services you chose becomes unavailable or some other reason occurs, we would let you within 24hrs of receiving your order. Namokar Digital Solutions would look for all the ways possible to help its customers.

Shipping agencies throughout the world operate differently, hence terms and conditions are subjected to change for different geographies. However, we will be more than available to make things as smooth for you as possible.

NOTE: Namokar Digital Solutions cannot be held responsible for incorrect or incomplete information. Any exceptions received, due to missing or wrong information would immediately get nullified and would not be entertained by us.

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