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Return Policy

Namokar Digital Solutions is determined towards delivering quality services and products. Although, mistakes could happen sometimes, and we are always on our toes for offering help to those in need.

Nevertheless, standing with our policies, we are not obliged to accept any returns or provide replacements. Namokar Digital Solutions holds final say in deciding whether or not to accept any returns.

If you have any concern regarding the service you received or if there is any kind of misinterpretation, kindly contact us by email within 48 hours of your receipt of product or service. It is important that you record and save all the formal communications, forms, or any other necessary document related to the products or service. In case of tangible product, you are expected to save all the materials involved in delivery including packaging material.

After contacting us in an acceptable time frame, we’ll provide you with all the necessary support and instructions so that we may proceed and solve the case as quickly as possible. It is very important for you not to take any steps not suggested or asked by our representatives.

Some general guidelines:

• In case of any problem, do not hesitate to contact us via email or customer service helpline within 48 hours of receiving the product or service.

• While contacting, always refer to the customer ID/Order ID/Service number to clear the clutter.

• Be very specific while describing any problem.

• Safeguard all sorts of communication/receipts/documents related to the product or service.

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