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Blogs are an important medium to convey success and learning of projects. Namokar Digital Solutions Blogs will highlight success stories, learning and educational articles and many other interesting things.

What is Digitalization?

Digitalization is enduring evolution in the Business world. Global pandemic taught us a very important lesson about the importance of ‘Digital World’. From raising awareness to sustaining businesses, Virtual market has revolutionized the way how a business operates. Digitalization is radically changing the way how a business operates.

Information and communication technology are backbone digitalization. Today’s economic and financial development is almost impossible without bringing IT services. Reasons being their ability and potential to cover several domains of socio-economic development. E-commerce or Digital Marketplace have become a prominent business concept in this modern digital world.

The progress of digital economy or e-economy can be essentially described as a structure built by Information technology experts to advocate the administrative or corporate ideology for setting up a business. Hence, it is important to understand that the Digital marketplace and IT works and walks hand in hand. The standing of Digital business is growing rapidly on a global scale. The products and services are same as offered by conventional businesses but with greater variety and ease of access.

A lot can be talked about the pros and cons of such scenario. However, ignoring its significance would definitely is a bad idea. While the digitalization has brought the world at your fingertips, it has also put the quality at stake. Since it’s after all money matter, A deeper scrutiny beforehand is always beneficial.

There are no limits of the topics which could be discussed under” Digitalization”, Namokar Digital Solutions would love to hear your thoughts on it. Send us an e-mail or use contact us form and let us know what do you think of it.

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Is Digital Transformation, the future of your Business?



Digitalization has affected everyone’s life in very different manners. Especially for businesses in this pandemic understood the importance of going ‘Digital’ very well.

Ever Wondered what are the benefits of this so-called ‘Digital World’? There are many, yes you heard right! So many that we can talk all day. However, some of the key benefits of ‘Digital’ for your business are:

·         Improve your Business Reach: With Digital Transformation you can hit the global market.

·         Expand Customer Base: With being active on global platforms, you attract customers from all geographies.

·         Become a Brand: Every Brand is present on Digital platforms to market their services and products.

·         Be more Connected: It provides a direct platform to interact with your audience. Talk to them, learn their views and be aware of social trends.


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Mobile Application by Namokar Digital So

#NamokarDigitalSolutions understands your confusion of deciding the necessity of Mobile Application Development. The dynamic world is changing so fast, customers now look for the easiest way to book the service. It is important to accept that the mobile penetration is leading the E-Commerce Industry with a heavy share of user volume.


We offer comprehensive Mobile Application technology that will work across all Android, Apple & Windows products.

Sounds exciting? Yes, of-course! Our experts in the development panel & marketing department had worked in the domain for decades. It would be really great to inquire about you need & compare our pricing to the rest of Industry.

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