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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In the simplest language, marketing done on Search Engines in order to increase the website’s traffic, visibility, ranking, and those promoting your product or service. Now at this point, we all know and understand how much internet has become an exceptional part of our lives. SEM is fundamental for any business who wants to grow and develop themselves. Every business type irrespective of their sizes grasps user attention through online advertising and promotions on search engines. We all have seen Google Ads, but have you ever wondered how they work? Anyway, what else are we here for? Further in this article we will one by one cover some of the major aspects in SEM and understand how SEM is done.

AdWords Campaign is an ad campaign run on and with Google. It is usually composed of several ads for either specific product and service or it can be collectively of a business. We at Namokar Digital Solutions specializes in creating and monitoring Google Ad Campaigns. Our experts have proved expertise with experience of working in different industries and different segment of E-commerce. We have a very keen eye for Keywords, Bidding analysis and competition analysis to inculcate a strong and effective campaign strategy.

Our reach is not limited to Google, we work equally dedicatedly on other Search engines like Bing, Yahoo also. We have an eye on global marketing and every geography and demography have their own preferred search engines. Hence it is important to have hands-on knowledge and functional experience of each of them.

SEM is a very broad term. It is like an ocean which has several independent and impactful marketing domains. For example, SEO, Content Marketing, Paid Marketing, Social media marketing are all part of Search Engine Marketing. We have covered each of them individually to shed more light on them. Namokar Digital Solutions provide a variety of solutions refer to our written article and decide which one you think can greatly enhance your business idea. For any questions or doubt, do not hesitate to contact us and we shall look for the best solution.

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