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Image by Alice Dietrich

Creative Marketing

Creativity brings attention, Creative marketing is the process of promoting, selling or branding your products and services talents such as videos, photos, charts, art or design. Creativity wins you the attention of your target audience, and that’s how the idea of using creatives in marketing evolved. Now creative marketing has become an important element in general marketing practices.

Creatives creation is a domain in itself. Businesses often hire external agencies to deliver them required creatives for their ad campaign. It’s time-consuming work but if mastered can prove to be very beneficial for marketing. Further in this article, we shall discuss what are the formats, basic acceptable sizes, tools which are globally acceptable in this creative advertisement world.

The most common and widely used creative format is HTML5 ads. HTML5 ads use ad files created using HTML5 in Google Web Designer. HTML5 is basically a language or code which animates pieces of a creative banner or entirety of it. Every creative has specific formats. Different creative ads would have different sizes, formatting, orientation.

Video ads have also become an important element of creative marketing. It plays a significant role in promoting but creating a brand identity. Videos have a powerful impact on viewers mind, you can convey multiple messages while maintaining the engagement. Good video ads are also helpful for brand recognition. Variety of video ads are used depending upon who your target audience is, when are they most active, what channels they use and similar questions.

Another very interesting category of creative marketing is Dynamic Ads. Dynamic Ads or Dynamic Banners adapts or changes according to the user and displayed content. By this, users can identify from a range of messages showed to him on the ad and decide what’s best for them. These type of ads or banners can be easily identified and seen on platforms like Facebook, or YouTube.

Creative Marketing plays a vital role however they don’t come or function under no cost. For every ad, different bidding amount, and charges are applied beforehand. To know how Creative Marketing is best for your business to connect with our experts. Contact us and we shall prevail the paths of success for your business.

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