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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is category of marketing focused purely on creating, publishing, and distributing content for your audience. Blogging, streaming, social media, e-mail marketing, etc all comes under content marketing domain. From stimulating interest to elevating brand, Content marketing plays a key role.

Namokar Digital Solutions understands the impact Content marketing have from starting to sustaining a brand image. We offer every type of Content marketing solutions and services. Inculcating web page content to a product description, we do it all for you.

Blogs, Articles, Descriptions all comes under the banner of content marketing. Everything you see, read, process and gain on websites are different types of Contents. Now you must be thinking how such simple looking thing turned into a giant of stream. But its just a matter of describing there’s a lot to add and not everything can be explained in one go.

E-mail Marketing is practice of marketing where in a business strategically sends out commercial messages, offers or information to a group of people specifically target audience to convert them into potential customers. An effective E-mail marketing have potential to not only convert prospect into a customer but also retain first time buyers by forming link.

Newsletter marketing also comes under same shed as E-mail marketing. Newsletters are often used to keep your subscribers updated with your business progress but also with global trends in your field of work. People often subscribe to receive newsletters from website to keep themselves informed. Identifying its reach, Businesses often have special offers for their newsletter subscribers, hence Newsletters plays important role in creating engagement.

Many web tools and services like Mailchimp, Active Campaign are widely and globally used for operating and monitoring such marketing campaigns. Experts at Namokar Digital Solutions have worked over the years and understood how to bring such marketing approaches in action and yield pragmatic results. But it is important to understand why such content are necessary.

Why Content Marketing?

Content marketing or content not only helps in ranking of page but stimulating audience interest towards your services or products. It is effectively used on engaging potential and current customers, thereby inculcating trust with the audience.

How to Content Marketing?

Defining and understanding the target audience is the preliminary step. After clearly defining the target audience and creating the persona profiles, the next step is to outline the scope of project.

Step 1. Understand the basic requirement and what the audience is looking for.

Step 2. Create a short editorial that highlights the key topics and paragraphs of the required content. Here you’ll be defining the tone, the frequency, subject and other key aspects. Research about Keywords for your article, after all its them who are your MVP in bringing impressions

Step 3. Define a time-line to get the objective meet. Research about the keywords, preferred tags.

Step 4. Content creation. It’s the stage where you have to use your artistic and writing skills to draft a good content.


Content Marketing is a huge domain and probably the future of marketing. Namokar Digital Solutions provides an excellent quality when it comes to organic marketing. We take care of most crucial players like Keyword Analysis, Competition Analysis, Dynamic content creation and high rated and meticulous articles. For any further doubt or requirement, feel free to contact us via email. Send your query and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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