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Brand Strategy

E-COMMERCE marketing


E-commerce marketing is practice in which you create your own digital marketplace or can use other’s digital marketplace to your benefit in many ways. Ecommerce marketing involves using promotional campaigns to manoeuvre your product/service around the online store traffic and convert them into paying customers. Long talks short, E-commerce marketing is about driving recognition and action towards the provided product or service. Appears hectic? That’s why we are here to help you out.

Brand Marketing

Promoting an organization or a business as a whole and not any particular product or service is referred to as Branding. However, on the other terms, it can also be referred to doing product or service marketing by utilizing brand name and identity. Branding is more or less like making a statement and portraying an identity. Business as a brand represents its identity and what they known for. It’s like building a reputation amongst customers and for that, you need to make irreplaceable space in customers hearts.

There are several terms associated with Branding that we hear in day to day life. Them being Brand Awareness, Brand Extension, Brand Management, Brand Recognition, Brand identity, etc.

Most brands are known by the tag lines or company’s vision statement. The purpose of the business must be clear and specific before working on any other thing. Defining business values is a crucial thing because it lays the foundation of identity by which your business is known for. The question arises, how to do Brand Marketing? How a business can be made into a brand?

Well, it looks difficult and time-consuming but not impossible. Brand Marketing can be done parallel with other marketing practices on the same channels. Affiliate Marketing, Merchandizing, Network marketing all adds up together for brand marketing. Often you may find celebrities being the Brand Ambassadors of certain organizations or businesses. Ever wondered why they are being associated? The simple answer is you must have predicted by now, Branding.

We think now you are well capable and familiar with marketing basics and terminologies and how they function. We leave it to you analyse what all you learned so far and come back to us. We as an institution loves to interact with our fellow visitors.

Ready, Set, Let’s make a Brand

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